Zairah roasts comedy host and performs live on "Tonight in San Diego"

I feel like a lot of people will always tell you ‘you’re crazy or stupid for going after that’ but if it makes you happy, it’s what you should be doing.
— Zairah

Zairah roasted host Bijan Mostafavi during her appearance on "Tonight in San Diego" on September 11. They met two years prior on the set of "Burn Booth", a show during people were roasted by Bijan and other comedians, never imagining she would have a chance to get him back. The Alaska Latina rapper also took the stage to perform her new songs "Tell Me" and "Fuego" live. The show aired on KSDY Channel 50.5 on September 14 and is now online. You can watch the clips below. Studio audience members received gifts and prizes, including Zairah t-shirts. 

Fernanda Chamorro