Zairah Lyrics Available on Genius

After numerous requests, Latin-American artist Zairah has finally released her lyrics and they are way deeper than skeptics expected. The lyrics are fully explained on Genius, here is an excerpt: 


"Fold the napkin in your pocket/
Cards fold, anger fills my sockets/
Hide the key under the carpet/
Then ask why aggressive dialect"

I am using a poker metaphor to describe how I fold to people who have the upper hand (the upper class).

In poker, folding is the act of ending participation in a hand. Players can fold when it is their turn to act and they do not wish to continue. I am speaking on my resentment towards the snobby upperclass, how they bring me pain and anger and sometimes I don’t want to continue playing the game because they have the key to win (money and privilege) and hide the keys to success from people like me then ask why minorities are so bitter/angry. We’re part of THEIR system, so the cards we’re dealt are destined to fail.

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Fernanda Chamorro