Get to know the artist: Zairah

There’s two reactions I always get when people first hear I rap, “what are you?” and “you don’t look like a rapper.” Breaking stereotypes is my favorite part of what I do and it’s what I’ve been able to make a career out of: blowing people’s minds. I took hip-hop which I grew up with and threw in a little saborrrr!
— Zairah

Zairah is the stage name of rapper and songwriter Fernanda Chamorro, who was born in San Diego, California to Mexican/Nicaraguan-American parents. Due to being the daughter of military parents who constantly moved, she often struggled with her identity until she found it through rap music. Zairah combined her two loves, hip hop and Latin music, to create her own sound. She took a leap of faith flying from Alaska to California to pursue her music career and has become the face of Hornitos Tequila's international "A Shot Worth Taking" campaign, which has garnered millions of views. The Latin-American artist is known for her intense performances that turn skeptics into fans and continues to impress California locals.