Sex + Cigarettes: 8.11.18 DEBUT

Sex + Cigarettes debuts 8.11.18!

Save the date.

This will be the first time you will hear me not rapping and I think you're gonna like it. I hope you dance... a lot. <3

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Sex + Cigarettes, one of the featured singles from her anticipated EP, is a pop-centric song showcasing Zairah’s vocal range. It’s laced with a groovy melody, consistent rhythmic beat, and an upbeat dance tempo.

Sex + Cigarettes is a melancholy love song and aligns perfectly with the the theme of Zairah’s EP, “...girl-power roller coaster of intimacy inspired by her past relationships”. At about :58 seconds into the song she sings, “Sometimes I lay back and I wonder what you’re up to, can I run to you? / So many times I came back to the spot we come to, a rush I’m used to.” It’s evident that Zairah still harbors feelings towards the man in her previous relationship. She’s reminiscing about her lover - laying back and wondering what he’s up to - asking “can I run to you?”. She expresses her feelings further by singing “I came back to the spot we come to...” insinuating that maybe, perhaps, if she visited the spot they used to frequent he might again reappear. The song is eloquently written, soft, and easy to follow. Most importantly the the song is relatable. Artists, singers, and songwriters who infuse their personal experiences into their music achieve greater success connecting with their audience and fans. There is no doubt that Zairah will experience that same level of success. If other tracks on “Nectar” are similar to Sex + Cigarettes, Zairah and “Nectar” are going to do quite well.
— Gringo's Notebook

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Fernanda Chamorro